Industrial robotics presentation on DENSO Robotics Brand Day at Bresimar Automação - Portugal

Bresimar Automação, the official representative of DENSO Robotics in Portugal, held on May 7, the BRAND DAY DENSO. This event aimed to present the wide range of robots for different applications (SCARA, 5- and 6-axis robots and collaborative robots) that can withstand loads up to 20 kg with a maximum arm reach up to 1298 mm and speeds up to 11,500 mm/s. In addition to the presentation of the DENSO brand and its portfolio, all participants were given experience and knowledge of the competitive advantages of all the solutions currently available in the market. The interaction with the showroom, where it was possible to perform demonstrations through direct contact with the robots and the sharing of some case studies, were highlights of a day where robotics was the main theme. DENSO Robotics Europe and  Bresimar Automação thanks everyone who attended and hope to have provided knowledge about solutions that will surely bring benefits to the industry and its customers.