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4-axis DENSO robot

Our product portfolio ranges from 4-axis robots (SCARAs) to 5- and 6-axis robots, including collaborative, pharmaceutical and small gantry type robots. Here you can find detailed information about all our products.

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DENSO Robotics case study

Here you will find our case studies and application videos for different industries: automotive supplier, electronics, food, pharmaceutical, medical and other.


Market leader in small industrial robots

DENSO Robotics is part of DENSO Corporation - according to Fortune Global 500 one of the 500 largest companies in the world and one of the two largest automotive suppliers. As a recognized world market leader in the small assembly industrial robotics segment, DENSO Robotics is a pioneer in terms of reliability, flexibility and functionality. With approximately 130.000 DENSO robots worldwide - of which more than 21.500 are used in our own production - DENSO has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of automation.

The company's product portfolio ranges from 4-axis robots (SCARAs) to 5- and 6-axis robots, all of which stand out for their outstanding speed, precision and quality. DENSO robots can move a weight of up to 60 kg and thus offer a high degree of functionality. Each model was developed to the highest quality standards. DENSO robots are not only compact, light weighted and require minimal maintenance, they also come with a two-year warranty. For more cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness, there is a unified controller type RC8A for all robot models from DENSO.

DENSO robot arms can be used in assembly applications, processing, pick & place, inspection, machine tending, screwing and other applications. 

DENSO robots also work in dusty, damp or clinical environments and have correspondingly required protection classes. Thus, DENSO kinematics can be used in almost any environment.

In addition, DENSO Robotics deals with solutions related to logistics and IoT tasks.

SCARA Robot HSR Series

3-Colour Pen Factory by COBOTTA

Pharmaceutical Robot in Amusemen

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