/ Medical Industry /

Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT, Germany

Stem cell research is one of the most innovative areas in current medical research and plays a decisive part in developing new agents and drugs.…

/ Medical Industry /


To develop a very compact and flexible system able to manipulate a large variety of objects (i.e.: drug vials, syringes, and IV bags of different…

/ Pharmaceutical Industry /

NewIcon, Spain

The manual retrieval of medications is a time-consuming task, requiring millions of man hours in hospitals and pharmacies each year. In Germany alone,…

Application Videos

Agitation and Transfer of Liquids in Test Tubes (VS-050S2)

Specimen Storage at -150ºC (VS-068/087)

Automatic Assay Plate Creation (VS-050S2)

Proposing automated assay plate creation in drug discovery screening, realizing flexible robotic automation by performing multi-process operation…

Automatic Cell Culture System (VS-050S2)

Portable Dispensive System (COBOTTA)

Compact automatic cell culture system (VS-050S2)

Conveyor Tracking (HS)

Conveyor tracing function facilitating adjustment

3D Picking of Translucent Plastic Containers (VS-050/060)

Realizing 3D picking of translucent plastic containers, which are usually difficult to recognize, using unique image processing technologySource: 3D…