Robotics Accessories Overview

See here a product overview of accessories for DENSO robotics.


Accessories / Zubehör: Teach Pendant | DENSO Robotics Europe

Teach Pendant

Programming, operating, teaching and maintaining the robot

Accessories / Zubehör: Mini-Pendant | DENSO Robotics Europe


Operating, teaching and simple maintenance of the robot

Communication Boards, Fieldbus and Others

Accessories / Zubehör: Extension Boards | DENSO Robotics Europe

Extension Boards

  • CONTEC Serial Comm.
  • Analog I/O
  • Digital I/O


Accessories / Zubehör: Fieldbus | DENSO Robotics Europe


  • DeviceNet Master
  • DeviceNet Slave
  • CC-Link RD
  • PROFIBUS Slave board
Accessories / Zubehör: Fieldnetwork | DENSO Robotics Europe


  • PROFINET I/O Device
  • EtherNet/IP board
  • EtherCAT Slave Board 
  • EtherCAT Slave Board (Motion)

Motor & Encoder Cables

Accessories: Encoder & Motor Cables  / Zubehör: Motor- und Encoderkabel | DENSO Robotics Europe

Encoder & Motor Cables

  • Standard cable (lengths: 2m, 4m, 6m, 12m & 20m)
  • Standard L-Shape (lengths: 2m, 4m, 6m, 12m & 20m)
  • Standard Dust & Splash proof (lengths: 2m, 4m, 6m, 12m & 20m)
  • L Shape Dust & Splash proof (lengths: 2m, 4m, 6m, 12m & 20m)