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To develop a very compact and flexible Workstation for In-line Automatic Measuring with the latest Manufacturing Equipment Capabilities. A new…

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RENGER Kunststoffspritztechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

In the past, the company had assembled the components by relying on traditional linear systems, quality control was carried out by employees.

Application Videos

VS-060 Series and SCARA in projection welding machine and a camera supported parts feeder

Pick & Place with DENSO 6-Axis robot VS-050

VS-050 in a pick& place application with ultrasonic sonotrode


Random picking realized by combining a two-axis vibration feeder and a 2D built-in EVP

3D Random Picking (VS-068/087)

Random picking using 3D machine vision

Dual Arm Control (HS-A1)