DENSO Robotics

Market leader in the small industrial robots segment with over 130,000 robots installed worldwide.


In 1967, we started developing robots to optimize our own manufacturing processes in the automotive industry. This allowed the company to constantly improve and advance both hardware and software. Today, as the established leader in the small assembly industrial robotics segment, DENSO Robotics continues to set the benchmark in reliability, flexibility and functionality.


With more than 130.000 DENSO robots installed across the globe – 21.500 are employed in our own manufacturing facilities – no other company has more knowledge or expertise. When you choose a robot solution from DENSO, you can rest assured that you are investing in a product of the highest caliber. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is, quite simply, second-to-none.


The company's product portfolio ranges from 4-axis robots (SCARAs) to 5- and 6-axis robots and Cobots, all of which stand out for their outstanding speed, precision and quality. DENSO robots can be used in almost any environment: DENSO robots are also functional in dusty, wet, or clinical settings and meet the required protected classes. In addition, DENSO Robotics is developing solutions regarding logistics and IoT applications.


DENSO Robotics Europe

Our European Headquarter is located in Moerfelden-Walldorf in Germany, just 15 minutes away from the Frankfurt International Airport.  Here an expert team of professionals in technical sales, customer support and order handling provides our customers with a reliable and fast service.


Our international customer support facility leads the way in terms of service and delivery. We provide a highly personalized, professional and friendly resource to help with all of your questions and queries. Whether you need one-to-one assistance by phone or personal support on-site – our teams of highly qualified engineers, technicians and partner system integrators are at your service around the globe.


DENSO Robotics Europe has three regional offices Europe (Germany, France and Denmark) to help our customers. Around the world, a global network of DENSO Robotics representatives and partners are available – whenever and wherever needed.



DENSO Robotics Europe

Waldecker Str. 9

D-64546 Moerfelden-Walldorf

t +49 (0) 6105 2735 150



DENSO Robotics France

12 Parc Ariane, Immeuble Selene, 78280 GUYANCOURT

t: +33 (0) 1 61 37 22 22 


DENSO Robotics Scandinavia

Industrivej 8
8653 Them

t: +45 22 88 55 92 

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