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SINTEF, Norway

In one of the few industries where automation seems to have leveled out, a breakthrough application has now successfully demonstrated how robots can…

/ Food & Gastronomy /

Robot for processing

SINTEF, Norway

The processing of fish and meat is subject to strict regulations: The production process has to be completely hygienic. It must be possible to track…

Application Videos

VM real-time synchronizing

Why manual soldering for small batch sizes?

Small batch size soldering with COBOTTA.

DENSO Wave and Goot.


Perfect fit in existing production lines!

Automation of coating process in Electronic production with compact smart COBOTTA at SANKO Ltd.

VS-060 Series and SCARA in projection welding machine and a camera supported parts feeder

Wiping/Film Pasting Device (VS-6556/6577)

Compact Composite Processing Machine (VS-6556/6577)

Pressure Control Tool: “Active Contact Flange” (VS-068/087)