Food - Case Studies with DENSO Robots

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SINTEF, Norway

In one of the few industries where automation seems to have leveled out, a breakthrough application has now successfully demonstrated how robots can…

/ Food & Gastronomy /

Robot for processing

SINTEF, Norway

The processing of fish and meat is subject to strict regulations: The production process has to be completely hygienic. It must be possible to track…

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ROFOBOX, Germany


Application Videos

VM real-time synchronizing

Conveyor Tracking (HS)

Conveyor tracing function facilitating adjustment

3d-picking-of-translucent-plastic-containers-vs-050-060 (VS-050/060)

Realization of the 3D image by shining plastic containers, by means of a certain image processing technology (Source: 3D MEDiA Co., Ltd.)

Bento Box Dish-up Robot (VS-068)

Extended-Joint Tracking (HSR)

IPC Real-time Integrated Control (HSR)