Pick & Place

Experience the VM in action: displaying its high performance while packaging our COBOTTA.

Pick & Place with DENSO 6-Axis robot VS-050

VS-050 in a pick& place application with ultrasonic sonotrode

Specimen Storage at -150ºC

Robot model: VS-068/087

Automatic Assay Plate Creation

Robot model: VS-050S2

Proposing automated assay plate creation in drug discovery screening, realizing flexible robotic automation by performing…

Bottle Cap Fastening (VS-6556/6577)

Conveyor Tracking (HS)

Conveyor tracing function facilitating adjustment

3d-picking-of-translucent-plastic-containers-vs-050-060 (VS-050/060)

Realization of the 3D image by shining plastic containers, by means of a certain image processing technology (Source: 3D MEDiA Co., Ltd.)

Bento Box Dish-up Robot (VS-068)

Small Fuse Insertion (XR)

Virtual Fence/Exclusive Control (VS-050/060)