Case Studies Robot Application Inspection


Today, any modern vehicle or mobility device is a moving data disk, constantly transmitting information about a system’s functionalities and…


TechnoTeam Bildverarbeitung GmbH, Germany

We are surrounded by displays – on smart phones and television sets, in kitchen appliances and even in cars. The design of these user interfaces and…

Case Study DYMACO Robots for Automotive Industry | DENSO Robotics Europe


To develop a very compact and flexible Workstation for In-line Automatic Measuring with the latest Manufacturing Equipment Capabilities. A new…

Case Study Mahr and SIM Automation | DENSO Robotics Europe

Mahr and SIM Automation, Germany

Turning the vision of Industry 4.0 into reality requires flexible, precise and fast measuring processes in order to ensure the quality of components.…

Application Videos

TechnoTeam Bildverarbeitung GmbH, Germany

Saving Space for XR-Equipment (XR)

External Appearance Inspection Robot (Color/Size) (VS-6556/6577)

Mirror Surface/Curved Surface External Appearance Inspection (VS-050/060)

3D Random Picking (VS-068/087)

Random picking using 3D machine vision

Automatic Car Navigation Testing System (VP)

3D Picking and High-Speed External Appearance Inspection (VP)

Picking 3D bulk parts and high-speed external appearance inspection with line cameras, improving quality and saving space Source: Soft Service Co.,…

Mirror Surface/Curved Surface External Appearance Inspection (VS-050/060)