Other Application Case Studies

Expedition d Truck | DENSO Robotics Europe

expedition d - Digital Technologies | Applications | Professions

Recent studies have shown that training in the key skills of digital transformation such as becoming a STEM specialist (Scientists, Technicians,…



The future of an optimized industrial automation lies in efficient, safe and reliable Industry 4.0/IoT applications. The key to any successful…

Case Study Marvel Film Avengers | DENSO Robotics Europe

Marvel Studios, USA and UK

For the latest release of its highly successful blockbuster string of “Avengers” movies, the production company Marvel Studios needed…

AIRBUS , Germany

Turning the vision of Industry 4.0 into reality requires flexible, precise and fast measuring processes in order to ensure the quality of components.…

Application Videos

DENSO’s COBOTTA at expedition d

How to get students excited about the digital professional world and let them experience automation and collaborative robots in a vivid way.

Why manual soldering for small batch sizes?

Small batch size soldering with COBOTTA.

DENSO Wave and Goot.


Cooperative Transportation + Force Control System (VS-050/060)

Realizing heavy object transportation and coordinated fitting by combining the “coordination” and “force control” functions with two robots