6-Axis Robots VS-050/VS-060

The new VS series inspires with a compact, slim body and with outstanding speed and accuracy. Compared to the previous series, the arm is more compact which enables space-saving workflows. In addition, the cycle time and the position repeatability has improved. In order to and avoid the tangling of cables the internal wiring up to the flange (option communication flange) allows to connect e.g. servo grippers and ethernet devices directly to the flange. The VS-050 and VS-060 have an arm reach of 505mm and 605mm and a max. payload of 4kg. The robots can be mounted on ceiling, floor or wall.  Various protection grades e.g. clean room (ISO 3/5), dust & splash proofed (IP65/54) and IP 67, ESD, ATEX are available.

Robot ModelVS-050VS-060
Arm Reach505 mm605 mm
Payload4.0 kg4.0 kg
Cycle Time0.35 sec0.35 sec
Repeatability±0.02 mm±0.02 mm

Dust & splash proof (IP65/54)
Protected (IP67)
Cleanroom (ISO 5 & 3)
UL specifications


Benefits VS 050/060

Compact design

Small robot's base installation area 

Slim robot arm: width of 95mm

Flexible movement even in a small 


Communication flange

A 17-wire signal cable and an Ethernet port are added to the tip of the flange (the sixth axis) (optional)

Install an electric hand and camera without breakages in cables

Bottom Connector

Saves space
Protect cables and connectors

Environmental resistance

A type resistant to adverse environmental conditions (rated IP67) 

Use in the proximity of a processing machine for cutting water or powder

Mounting Possibilities



Repeatability accuracy: ±0.02 mm
Consistency in production

Global Service organization

Personal contact 
Worldwide service

Low maintenance

Lifetime grease lubrication

Low energy Consumption

Product Video, Industries and Applications Overview

The VS-050/060 series provides high speed and high power in a compact, slim body. A wide range of options are also available that allow operation in a wide range of environments.

Thanks to it's high speed performance, accuracy and diverse options available the VS-050/060 can be used in almost all industries including  appliances, automotivechemicals, consumer products, electronics, food, greenhouse, machine tools, medical devices and pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, plastics and metal.

The robot model can be applied in assembly, inspection, matching, material handling, material tending, packaging, palletizing and customised applications.

The VS Series is available in 4 different sizes, with an arm reach from 505 to 905 mm and payload from 4 kg to 7 kg.

See more information about VS-068/087.



    Connector panel

    Choose from two mounting orientations when connecting cables (motor & encoder cable, etc.) to the robot 

    Communication Flange

    connectors for electrical signal lines and EtherNet 
    wiring to be embedded in the robot unit.

    Signal lines / Air pipe

    are embedded in the top of the second arm. 

    Paint / Surface finish

    If the protected type (IP67) is selected, the unit is left as aluminum. 

    External battery unit

    Encoder backup battery installed outside the robot. 

    Facilitates replacement of batteries and improves maintainability.

    Brake release unit

    Brake release switch is directly connected to the brake release signal of each axis).

    Second arm cover

    Right- hand, with tapped holes

    This cover has tapped holes to secure wires for the robot’s second arm.


    You will find more options available here.



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