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Today, any modern vehicle or mobility device is a moving data disk, constantly transmitting information about a system’s functionalities and…


Manufacturing companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to cut costs, improve efficiency and increase quality. As a result, even many…

Case Study Mahr and SIM Automation | DENSO Robotics Europe

Mahr and SIM Automation, Germany

Turning the vision of Industry 4.0 into reality requires flexible, precise and fast measuring processes in order to ensure the quality of components.…

Application Videos

Why manual soldering for small batch sizes?

Small batch size soldering with COBOTTA.

DENSO Wave and Goot.


Perfect fit in existing production lines!

Automation of coating process in Electronic production with compact smart COBOTTA at SANKO Ltd.

Wiping/Film Pasting Device (VS-6556/6577)

3-color pen factory (COBOTTA)

Conveyor Tracking (HS)

Conveyor tracing function facilitating adjustment

Small Fuse Insertion (XR)

Saving Space for XR-Equipment (XR)

External Appearance Inspection Robot (Color/Size) (VS-6556/6577)