Corporate Social Responsibility


Cooperation and working hand-in-hand with many stakeholders while sharing value are indispensable for realizing a sustainable society.

By clarifying its social responsibilities under the DENSO Group Declaration of Corporate Behavior, the DENSO Group promotes initiatives that should be fulfilled according to respective stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement | DENSO Robotics Europe

Stakeholder Engagement

We value each and every stakeholder and aim to be a company trusted and appreciated by society.

Responsibility to Customers | DENSO Robotics Europe

Responsibility to Customers

DENSO is committed to further advancing a Customer First principle in creating products and after-sales services in order to provide reliable, safe and high-quality products and services that will satisfy customers and earn their trust

Responsibility to Shareholders and Investors | DENSO Robotics Europe

Responsibility to Shareholders and Investors

DENSO is enhancing corporate value through stable long-term growth and improving the transparency of management through the timely and appropriate disclosure of business and financial information and dialogues.

Responsibility to Business Partners | DENSO Robotics Europe

Responsibility to Business Partners

Based on the principle of open, fair and transparent transactions, DENSO is committed to its open door policy, mutual growth that is based on mutual trust, and permeation of compliance with laws and regulations and confidentiality.

Responsibility to Employees | DENSO Robotics Europe

Responsibility to Employees

When employees are fulfilled professionally and personally, companies grow. Based on this belief, DENSO is promoting "hitozukuri, or human resource development, development of our organization and the creation of a positive environment."

Responsibility to Global and Local Communities | DENSO Robotics Europe

Responsibility to Global and Local Communities

To become a good corporate citizen, DENSO is promoting initiatives to enhance original programs pursued by the entire Group on a voluntary basis and creating an organizational culture that encourages employee participation in society while focusing onthe areas that DENSO has identified as priorities, namely, harmony with the environment, ensuring safety and security in local communities and hitozukuri (human resource development).

Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility

Through all of its corporate activities, DENSO works to resolve issues related to the environment and energy as well as establish a harmonious coexistence with nature. In order to realize sustainability in local communities and in society as a whole, we will make efforts to create new environmental value and protect the earth, thereby delivering a bright future to the next generation.
Guided by its “ECO VISION 2025,” DENSO has set three targets it should realize by 2025 centered on “Energy,” “Clean,” and “Green,” and is promoting ten actions to reach these targets.

Energy | DENSO Robotics Europe


We contribute to maintaining a lasting global environment with technologies that resolve issues related to global warming, energy, and resources.

CLEAN X 2 | DENSO Robotics Europe


Starting with the strict observance of laws and regulations, we continue to be a company that promotes ongoing improvement and grows together with society in order to deliver peace of mind to all of our stakeholders.

GREEN X 2 | DENSO Robotics Europe


In order to pass on a planet with an abundance of nature to the next generation, we will realize a society that understands the wisdom and blessings of nature through corporate activities that aim for a harmonious coexistence.