HM – 40**/ 4A**

Long arm reach and high payload

Robot ModelHM -40 **HM - 4A**
Arm Reach600 to 1,000 mm
Vertical Stroke (Z)200, 300 and 400  mm
Payload10 / 20 kg
Cycle Time0.29 sec0.31 sec
Repeatability±0.02 mm±0.025 mm
OptionsBellows on 3rd Axis
Dust & splash proof (IP65)
UL specifications



Payload up to 20 kg

Max. payload 20 kg 

Max arm reach 1,000mm

Cycle time of 0.31 sec

One cycle time is the time taken to move an object at a height of 25 mm between two points 300 mm apart


Repeatability accuracy of ±0.02 mm,
High rigid Z-axis design

Global Service organization

Personal contact 
Worldwide service

Low maintenance

Lifetime grease lubrication

Low energy Consumption


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