Motek, 07-10 October, Hall 7, Booth 7210

DENSO Robotics at MOTEK 2019

TÜV Rheinland third party certification affirms high safety standards of COBOTTA

Vacuum gripper and fieldbus adapter available as new add-ons for COBOTTA / Robot for human-robot collaboration to be showcased in three innovative applications / DENSO Robotics hall 7, stand 7210.


At this year’s MOTEK trade fair show (Stuttgart, October 7th to 10th 2019), the safe human-robot collaboration (HRC) will take center stage at DENSO Robotics presentations: The global market leader in small industrial robotics will demonstrate COBOTTA, the compact, user-friendly and safe robot for small space set-ups of innovative, hands-on applications. Just in time for the trade fair show, COBOTTA can now also be ordered with two add-ons; a vacuum gripper (the vacuum is generated directly at the end effector) and a fieldbus adaptor (ProfiNet, EtherCAT, Ethernet IP).


COBOTTA has been a great success with the market and continues to set new standards in the HRC segment: The robot’s high safety levels have also convinced the TÜV Rheinland, one of Germany’s leading third-party certifiers. It issued a safety certification for the serial model in the market based on four international, comprehensive ISO standards for industrial and collaborative robots.


“This TÜV certification for COBOTTA affirms the high safety and quality standards of our robot“, said Dirk Schöffler, Senior Manager, DENSO Robotics Europe, “Our customers in research, science and industry can fully rely on COBOTTA in their HRC applications.“ The robot features an inherently safe design (lightweight arm without sharp edges or pinch points, minimal possible application of force and pressure thanks to adequately developed drive technology) and guarantees a “functional safety” by constantly and safely monitoring torque and speeds of all axis.


During MOTEK, the collaborative robot COBOTTA will be demonstrated in these three applications:

  • Canon Vision Extended multi-vision system: this image recognition system is designed for the flexible recognition and handling of multiple parts; COBOTTA will be featured in a 2D picking application (with Vision Edition).
  • SPooN – Interactive characters: analyzing human facial expressions and gestures, this intelligent communications tool, thanks only to COBOTTA’s great maneuverability enables the interactive and lively communication with humans.
  • MINI-EYEFEEDER®: visitors can experience this proven automated parts feeder system featuring a COBOTTA. Thanks to its unique compact size and easy programming, the robot can be easily integrated into system such as this one. In this application, the built-in camera at COBOTTA’s upper arm is being used for the parts recognition.


COBOTTA is also perfectly well designed for interacting with other robots, as demonstrated in a pick-and-place application featuring a robot of the HSR series in an EYEFEEDER® parts feeder system.This presents a special challenge because the short cycle time of this four-axis SCARA robot is laid out for high-speed pick-and-place jobs, while the COBOTTA’s speed (max. 1000 mm/sec) has been designed for the collaboration with humans.


Technical precision is also required in two additional demonstrations using DENSO VS series models: In a robot demo cell a VS model is performing the soldering process of lead frames, and in another application a six-axis VS 087 will be showcased, equipped with the AIRSKIN.