4-Axis SCARA Robots HSR-048 / HSR-055 / HSR-065

SCARA robot HSR-series - speedy start, speedy continuation of motion, and accurate stopping.

Robot ModelHSR-048HSR-055HSR-065
Arm length480 mm550 mm650 mm
Vertical Stroke (Z)

Vertical Stroke (Z)    100, 200 and 320 mm

(with bellow 170 and 290 mm)

Payload8.0 kg
Cycle Time0.28 sec0.31 sec
Repeatability±0.01 mm±0.012 mm
OptionsDust & splash proof (IP65)
Cleanroom (ISO 5 & 3)





4-axis robot by DENSO Robotics

High-speed motion


High acceleration & motion profiles.

Improved cycle per minute allows the robot to move at high speed continuously.

Continuous motion

Improved heat dissipation performance at the base unit allows the robot to achieve continuous motion.

Vibration control

The robot can suppress vibrations in a short time by actively reflecting the status of the arm to vibration control.

Light weight

The combination of between high rigidity and light weight allows to achieve a high payload (8kg) and high-speed motion at the same time

Mounting possibilities


Optimum layout

A large-capacity motor is integrated into the base unit. 

Weight reduction at the tip of the arm and optimized arm structure allow the robot to improve its high-speed performance.

Global Service organization

Personal contact 
Worldwide service

Low maintenance

Lifetime grease lubrication

Low energy Consumption

Product Video, Industries and Applications Overview

The HSR Series delivers high-performance during continuous operation over long periods thanks to a reengineered and improved design that makes the robot arm ligther, stronger and faster.

As a result of pursuing high-speed performance, high-speed picking systems can be realized with small, space-saving robots not only in conventional parts assembly processes, but also in packaging processes of food, medical supplies, and cosmetics, which is bringing about a revolution in performance.

The HSR series robot is available in 480, 550 and 650 millimeters arm reach. All three SCARA models offer a maximum payload of up to 8 kg.



Wiring protection kit

Wiring sub-arm protection kit

Protects external wiring 

Integrated Ethernet

An Ethernet cable is built into the body

Easily connectable to external devices

External battery unit

Encoder backup battery installed outside the robot. 

Facilitates replacement of batteries and improves maintainability.

Wiring protector

Protect wiring installed through the Z-axis shaft.


You will find more options available here.


SIM Automation GmbH, Germany

The medical technology supply industry has been facing huge issues not only since the Covid-19 pandemic: On the one hand, conventional production for…


Realizing “real high-speed operation” by pursuing basic performance

IPC Real-time Integrated Control (HSR)

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