VS – 050S2

Meets the strict hygienic demands

Robot ModelVS- 050S2
Arm Reach520 mm
Payload4 kg
Cycle Time0.35 sec
H2O2 resistant35% hydrogen peroxide steam(dry/wet)
Protection levelWrist IP67 / Unit IP65



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Sterile environment resistance/ Resists contamination

Robot for use in sterile environments and clean environments that employ H2O2 gas 35% density (dry / wet) and UV exposure.

Smooth surface prevents adherence of dust and dirt. 

Isolation (suitability for sealed environments))

Cables and other connector panels are positioned on the bottom for compatible installation in sealed and quarantine environments


Design compliant with GMP* (product management and quality control standard). *GMP grade A

cUL certified products (UL standard / Canada CSA standard) also available.

Hygiene proven through testing by the Fraunhofer Institute (Report No. DE 1409-725).

Product Video and Main Industries


DENSO contributes to automation in medical device / medical product manufacturing and drug preparation.

DENSO delivers a robot that meets the strict demands of the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Automation in clean environments prevents the hazards of foreign matter contamination from manual tasks, human error, and operator exposure.


Electric gripper connection flange specification-A

Internal mount with a gripper cable up to the flange. 

Suitable for clean environments, eliminates interference with peripherals.

Medical and pharmaceutical robot hands

Sterility resistance:H2O2gas (35% density) and UV exposure compliance

Cleanliness: ISO Class 4 (GMP Grade A/B)*

Made with FDA-certified material

*Mounting on the robot depends on the robot specification.

External battery unit

Encoder backup battery installed outside the robot. 

Facilitates replacement of batteries and improves maintainability.


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Agitation and Transfer of Liquids in Test Tubes (VS-050S2)

Specimen Storage at -150ºC (VS-068/087)

Automatic Assay Plate Creation (VS-050S2)

Proposing automated assay plate creation in drug discovery screening, realizing flexible robotic automation by performing multi-process operation…

Automatic Cell Culture System (VS-050S2)

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