Collaborative robot COBOTTA - anywhere, anytime, always safe.

Robot ModelCOBOTTA
Arm length342.5 mm (TCP 385 mm)
Payload0.5 kg (*0.7 kg wrist direction downward within ± 10 degrees)
Position repeatability± 0.05 mm
Total arm weight4 kg

Built-in Electrical Gripper (force controlled)

Built-in Electrical Vacuum Generator / Vacuum Gripper

Built-in A/F 2D Camera




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Inherently safe design - No sharps or pinch points

Functional safety- Safety-rated monitored function (all axis)

Power and force limiting concept rel. to ISO / TS15066 and ISO 10218-1

Safety level PL d / Cat 3 (ISO 13849)

TÜV Rheinland certified acc. to int. standards for the safety of industrial robots

Built-in controller integrated

Robot arm weight with controller only 4 kg

Small space needed: approx. 200cm²

Easy transportation

Ext. Communication: Ethernet TCP/ IP, 2 x USB, Field Network: EtherCAT, ProfiNET, EtherNet IP External I/ O: 20 Input/ 20 Output

Open Platform

Wide possibilities to use COBOTTA - from first time user to robot expert

Individual development environment

Usable with all TCP/IP devices

Portable Body

Transporting and installing COBOTTA anywhere anytime is simply easy.

Easy to install e.g. on trolley or AGV/mobile robot

No additional wiring between arm and controller

Easy to Use

Easy to teach the movement with direct teaching

Easy operation with Remote TP or COBOTTA world

Easy adjustment with built-in electrical gripper and built-in AF camera function

Easy Programming

Easy programming with tablet based App Cobotta World

Set up a new program within minutes

Teach COBOTTA by moving it directly and selecting tasks from the preset job items


Collaborative robot COBOTTA product features

3-color pen factory (COBOTTA)

Portable Dispensive System (COBOTTA)

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