4-Axis SCARA Robots HS-035 / HS-045 / HS-055A1

SCARA Robot HSA1 Series - High Speed and Accuracy

Robot ModelHS-035A1HS-045A1HS-055A1
Arm length350 mm450 mm550 mm
Vertical Stroke (Z)100, 150, 200 and 320 mm
Payload5.0 kg
Cycle Time0.29 sec
Repeatability±0.015 mm±0.02 mm±0.02 mm
OptionsBellows on 3rd Axis
Dust & splash proof (IP65)
Cleanroom (ISO 3)
UL specifications





Very compact SCARA

Small robot's base installation area:


Slim robot arm: width of 136 mm

Flexible movement in a small space

Cycle time of 0.29 sec

One cycle time is the time taken to move an object at a height of 25 mm between two points 300 mm apart


Path accuracy
Repeatability ±0.015/±0.02 mm
Consistency in production

Global Service organization

Personal contact 
Worldwide service

Low maintenance

Lifetime grease lubrication

Low energy Consumption


You will find more options available here.


Dual Arm Control (HS-A1)

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