ORiN2 SDK is a middleware application for developing application programs and providers based on ORiN2 specifications.




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ORiN ® 2 SDK is a software tool kit used to develop an application program or provider based on ORiN2 specifi cation.

  • It provides a standard communication interface for robots as well as various FA peripherals and databases.
  • ORiN®2 SDK is mounted with a variety of functions (including a CAO engine, test program, sample program and skeleton provider auto generate tool) to support evelopment.
  • The superior expandability of ORiN®2 supports not only industrial robots, but a variety of devices (including PLC, CNC machine tools, bar code readers and RFID) to enable application development that is independent of manufacturer or model.


Provides a standard interface

ORiN®2 enables easy system development that supports distributed object technologies such as DCOM and SOAP, and provides two standard interfaces : the application interface and device interface.

Recycles applications

Equipped with a gateway to reciprocally connect with different standards (OPC and UPnP) and improve reusability of existing applications.

Development tool options

Use any of the following development tools that support OLE (COM, ActiveX) :

● Visual C++ ● C++ Builder ● Visual BASIC ● Delphi ● LabVIEW ● Excel and others

Create an original provider

With Provider Wizard, a user can create an original provider to expand functions.

Package list

Package Type

ORiN®2 Software Development Kit ( ver2.1.21 )

Provider DevelopmentRuntime + Utilities SetRuntime

DENSO Products

(limited to DENSO Products)


Provider Development +

Execution Environment

Execution Environment +

Expandend Components

Execution Environment

Execution Environment

(limited to DENSO Products)

CAO engine----
CAO provider development tools----------

CAO provider


Test and configuration tools----


Operating environment

【OS】Windows® 7 / 8 / 10
【PC】CPU Pentium® III 1 GHz or faster, Memory 512 MB or more, HDD 500 MB or more
*Windows is a trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and / or other countries.
*OPC is a trademark or registered trademark of the OPC Foundation in the U.S. and / or other countries.
*ORiN® is a trademark or registered trademark of Japan Robot Association

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