6-Axis Robot VLA-4025 / 6022

They are suitable for transportation and palletizing operations which makes workers free from hard labor.

Robot ModelVLA-4025VLA-6022
Main arm lenght2085.5 mm1835.5 mm
Max. reach (TCP)2503 mm2257 mm
Payload40.0 kg60.0 kg
Repeatability      ±0.06 mm

 Wrist IP67/Unit IP65   



Higher Payload and Longer Arm Reach

Suitable for palletizing, depalletizing, inspection, transportation and packaging by taking advantage of higher payload and longer arm reach.

Environmental Resistance

Complied with the protection grade IP67(*) and contribute to automate under severe environments that an oil or water mist scatters.

*Complied with IP67 for wrist, IP65 for unit.

*Please contact us for the details as the appearance and the specifications may change before release.

Mounting Possibilities

  • Floor-mounted
  • Wall-mounted
  • Cloping (max 45°)



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