Bigger, Smarter & More Flexible: DENSO Robotics Presenting the New VM and VL Robot Series

New robot series VM 1500 / 1800 and VL 2500 offer a high payload and increased arm reach / Robots equipped with the new, fully integrated RC 9 controller for more flexibility


DENSO Robotics is introducing two new robot series that might very well set a higher performance standard in demanding, industrial robot-assisted applications. “Offering a higher payload and arm reach, the new robots of the VM and VL series have been designed for various applications, thereby expanding our product range“, explains Dirk Schöffler, DENSO Robotics Senior Manager Europe. “Both robot series are equipped with the new, fully integrated RC9 controller that presents customers with even more possibilities – in a simple, fast and flexible way.“


Both the VM 1500 and 1800 robots are fully enclosed with built-in wires and pipes. As an option, they are also available either as a special dust and wet protection (class IP67) or protection class model (ISO 5), meeting all requirements necessary for applications in clean room environments. In addition to any standard tasks in automation, these robots are perfectly suited for special applications in various markets, such as the automotive supply and electronics industries, but also in pharmaceutical and med-tech segments.


In addition, thanks to the fully integrated cabling, grippers, sensors and other peripheral devices can be easily and safely attached to the robot arm. With a maximum reach of 1506 mm (VM 1500) and 1804 mm (VM 1800), respectively, and a payload of up to 25 kg, both robot models offer a wide variety of applications.


Among DENSO’s robots, the new VL 2500 has the highest load capacity of up to 40 kg and the longest arm of up to 2.5 m. Designed for various applications in industrial automation, the VL 2500 is particularly suited for (de)palletizing, assembling, packaging, and material handling operations. Thanks to the robot’s robust design – standard units come with an IP65 protection grade and the wrist with an IP67 –, it can be used in demanding environment with oil or water vapors as well.


In combination with the programming software suite WINCAPS Plus and the included “Palletizing Builder“, palletizing applications can be implemented easily and quickly without any additional programming.


Both robot series are equipped with the new RC9 controller by DENSO Robotics, a next generation controller providing an improved level of open, flexible and simple integration due to its smart controller technology with integrated PLC functionality and easy usability.