Basic Training Robots

Robot System with RC8A Controller / Robot Software WINCAPS III

Robot / Operating / Programming

Targeted Personnel:  Robot Operator / Programmer

Seminar Duration:  2 Days at DENSO Training Centre

■ Safety Precautions and Safe Operating of Robots 
■ Calibration of a Robotsystem (CALSET) 
■ Robot Co-ordinate Systems 
■ Handling Errors and Error Logs 
■ Teaching of Positions 
■ Creating New PACscript-Projects 
■ Movement Commands (MOVE L, MOVE P, DEPART, APPROACH…) 
■ Accuracy / smoothing of movements 
■ Teach/ Check Operating Mode 
■ Program Execution in Auto Mode 
■ Timer Commands (DELAY, WAIT) 
■ Working with Wincaps III (Configuration, Programming, Simulation) 
■ Digital I/O’s (SET, RESET, WAIT) 
■ Velocity Control Statements (SPEED, ACCEL, DECEL) 
■ Working with User-Defined Co-ordinate Systems 
■ Collision areas (AREA), Functions Virtual Fence and Exclusive Control 
■ Singularity

No. of Participants: 2-6 Persons