Robot System with RC8A Controller / Robot Software WINCAPS III

Robot / Programming / Interfaces

Targeted Personnel: Programmer [DENSO Basic Training is a pre-requisite]

Seminar Duration:  2 Days at DENSO Training Centre

⦁    Structured Programming 
⦁    Loops and Branching (FOR...NEXT, DO...LOOP, IF THEN ELSE, …) 
⦁    Local and Global Variables, Header Files 
⦁    Subprograms and Calling Subprograms (CALL …) 
⦁    Instructions (@a, WAITMOTION, MOTIONSKIP, ...) 
⦁    User-Defined Error Messages 
⦁    Supervisory Tasks (TSR) 
⦁    Usage of Periphery Interfaces (Mini I/O, Ethernet, Profinet…) 
⦁    External Control using various Interfaces 
⦁    Working with System variables (CURRPOS, SYSSTATE…) 
⦁    Force Control (CURLMT, FORCECTRL) 
⦁    Using Predefined Functions (Palletizing, Axis Enable...) 
⦁    Safety Motion 
⦁    Panel Designer

No. of Participants: 2-6 Persons