Company: DYMACO    
Industry: Automotive Industry 
DENSO Products Used: VS-087 
Company Location: Italy    
Website: www.dymacogroup.com


To develop a very compact and flexible Workstation for In-line Automatic Measuring with the latest Manufacturing Equipment Capabilities. A new programmed Dimensional Measuring Machine capable to compare a large variety of components to be measured based on comparison between the item to be measured and its Master Sample that are normally used in the control of Headlamps for the Automotive Lighting Industry.


Against this background the DM Series emerged, based on the new revolutionary DENSO robot VS087 – that could be described as a type of Automated Lighting Inspection System Workstation, which is connected to the Manufacturer In-line Systems.

The Dimensional Measuring Machine robot receives its order data to carry out the measurements brilliantly assisted by DENSO robot VS087 according to its principle based on comparison through the Master Sample with the target measuring points located according to the Lamp’s CAD and the results obtained are then compared with the calibration values previously configured by the manufacturer ensuring all the times its precise performance and estimated manufacturer working cycles. DENSO robot VS087 gives to the DM401 a great speed and precision when calculates the points to be measured.

Great attention has been paid to the dimensions of the equipment to accomplish the World Class Manufacturing requirements where the DENSO Robot VS087 fits perfectly helping to minimize as much as possible the floor space usage when designing the DM401 Serie


The employment of the DM401 series with the extraordinary VS087 robot contributes to reduce, to a minimum, possible errors in the process of measuring and inspections.

The DM401 series are distinguished by their high flexibility, reliability, simplicity, compact design and easy programmability . A good reason to include the DENSO robot VS087 is because of its high accuracy with simultaneous high speed making the DM401 the ideal Dimensional Machine for Automotive Lighting applications.

DYMACO is investing on the new versions of DENSO Robots to expand its future productions of new machines on many market fields where the use of Automation is required because are easy to integrate.

To have DENSO Robotics Europe as a client-partner on each of our projects help us to give to our customers simply the Best Design, Technology and Customer Support.