DENSO Robotics virtual Expo 2022

DENSO Robotics virtual Expo 2022

The Expo will offer numerous state-of-the-art demonstrations introducing the key benefits of new COBOTTA PRO and case studies profiling DENSO Robotics applications.



World debut of the COBOTTA PRO

During this virtual Expo our NEW high-performance collaborative robot, the COBOTTA PRO, will celebrate its world debut. Be excited to discover our new COBOTTA PRO assembling parts and handling retail products. In addition, the outstanding safe human-robot collaboration and easy-to-use features will be demonstrated. Don't miss the opportunity to get a first impression of the new COBOTTA PRO.

State-of-the-art case studies featuring the new RC9 controller

The RC9 is factually more than just a robot controller. With its expandability and open integrated development environment, it can be tailored to apply on each specific application, allowing fully integrated control of comprehensive automation equipment. The Expo will introduce various RC9 system configurations with innovative processes demonstrations.

Use of AI to automate complex tasks

With AI Deep Learning functionalities, complex tasks that are difficult to define in the real-world can be automated easily and efficiently. Our AI Demonstrations will include weighing liquids and powder materials and bin picking.





Learn directly from development engineers! State-of-the-art technical seminars


What led to the creation of the COBOTTA PRO high-speed collaborative robot?

An introduction to the background and concepts underlying the development of the COBOTTA PRO, which resolves issues and problems with collaborative robots


COBOTTA PRO: Delivering both productivity and safety

An overview of the functional safety of the COBOTTA PRO, which was developed with an emphasis on not only collaborating with human workers, but also accommodating difficult tasks and boosting productivity


COBOTTA PRO: A usable programming system designed for simplicity and intuitive use

A new programming system that facilitates seamless teaching and programming


Realizing a “robot that doesn’t stop” with RC9 real-time integrated control and an intelligent gripper

An exploration of the potential of new applications that provide real-time, integrated control of next-generation robot grippers


Realizing mass-customization using the RC9 integrated controller and Xplanar

A demonstration of the potential of mass customization that realizes real-time, synchronized control


Advantages of integrated control using the RC9

An introduction to case studies in which integrated control by the RC9 realizes engineering cost savings and high-speed synchronized control to address growth in development costs and cycle times, two issues that face robotic systems


Using AI Imitative Learning to automate processes that handle irregularly shaped and soft objects

An exploration of product features, deployment methods, and tips for acquiring training data for AI Imitative Learning, which provides a novel approach to automating tasks that involve handling irregularly shaped and soft objects


Mech-Eye: A 3D vision sensor that combines AI with rule-based operation

A demonstration-based introduction to how Mech-Eye, which delivers both sophisticated AI-based recognition and high accuracy, can be used in difficult tasks that are impossible to accomplish with conventional products