DENSO Robotics at Global Industrie in Lyon, France

Visit us at Global Industrie 2023

The DENSO group is represented by two of its subsidiaires DENSO ROBOTICS Europe & DENSO WAVE Europe.

We will present live 2 robotic solutions that meet recurring needs for machine loading and part sorting processes.

On the other hand, we will present the whole range Denso robotics offers (articulated-, SCARA- and collaborative robots, as well as the specific functionalities to meet the application needs of all Industries. DENSO WAVE Scanner solutions will also be presented.

Collaborative Robots

COBOTTA PRO makes robot-human collaboration more efficient and productive, as our cobot enables a combination of high speed and high precision that is unique in this segment – while offering exceptional safety.

2D Seperation Solution

Denso Robotics and Roba Engineering offer an integrated solution for loading your production equipment or sorting parts with bulk goods. These standard solutions are a combination of robots, vibrating tables and vision tools, all controlled by the powerful DENSO RC8A robot controller.

Articulated Robot with integrated external linear axis

The power of the DENSO robot controller makes it possible to manage one or more external axes that are controlled and synchronised with the movements of the robot arms.

Inegrated Interfaces for Vision, Compliance, force Limitation

The DENSO Robot Controller(s) offers full flexibility to easily integrate the majority of external equipment required for advanced robotic applications.

Traceability with DENSO WAVE


The perfect solution for reliable data capture for every need. Hardware- and software-based IoT and QR code solutions for digitalisation and optimisation of various work processes