Automatica Fair in Munich

One of the highlights will be COBOTTA, the innovative compact robot for a safe human-robot collaboration. COBOTTA can be seen in various, real-life applications: One of the most interesting demonstrations will be the „3 Color Pen Factory“, where nine COBOTTA units are joining in assembling pens and labeling them with individual names as chosen by the visitors. Another application shows a MINI-EYEFEEDER® parts conveyor equipped with a camera system in combination with a COBOTTA. With a unit weight of only 4 kg and the controller integrated into the robot arm, COBOTTA is easy to transport and can be quickly put to work; thanks to its graphically designed App „COBOTTA World“, the robot is truly easy to teach and operate. The next application at the trade show will be KITOV-ONE: an automated 3D quality inspection solution for products in various industries such as Electronics, Automotive, Medical Devices, and more. The system is powered by advanced Machine Vision, Robotics Technologies, and Artificial Intelligence. A key element in KITOV-ONE is a DENSO VS 087 robot, with an integrated Kitov optical head.KITOV-ONE achieves superior and consistent detection, enables fast and intuitive setup, and allows seamless integration with factory automation and IT systems. The next highlight is a dual arm control: a new feature of the RC8A controller is its capability to control two SCARA robots in different operations at the same time, resulting in major cost and space savings in industrial automation applications. The HS-A1 robot used in this application are also featuring some innovation in their own right, i.e. a short cycle period (0.29 sec with a 2 kg load, standard cycle period), three different arm lengths available (350, 450 and 550 mm) and a loading capacity of up to 5 kg.Another application is a non-contacting coating thickness measurement, including safety motion functionality. It consists of VM Series robot and Kübler & Essig system and allows to achieve higher productivity, saving on costs and measurement data transparency.Last but not least, two additional new products shown are the IoT Data Server and the IoT Data Studio. In these two demonstrations, data are being collected and then presented on a monitor; the presentation is based on two applications, one using a dual robot arm control (two SCARA robots and one RC8A controller) and a second one working with a six-axis VS 087 robot equipped with a touch sensitive cover (AIRSKIN).