360 Tech Industry with our Partner BRESIMAR

Our Partner Bresimar Automação, S.A. is presenting COBOTTA and VS-Series in several applications at 360 Tech Industry in Portugal.

With a unit weight of only 4 kg and the controller integrated into the robot arm, COBOTTA is easy to transport and can be quickly put to work; thanks to its graphically designed App „COBOTTA World“, the robot is truly easy to operate. COBOTTA has been developed as an open-source platform (as a standard, it supports ORiN) and thus can be integrated into existing systems.

With a loading capacity of up to 500 gr and its unique compact design, COBOTTA is particularly well suited for operating in small spaces and in direct collaboration with humans. Equally important is safety: The robot’s design has no sharp edges or angles and complies with all applicable ISO norms. Its speed (100-max 1000 mm/sec.) has been customized to human-robot collaboration. The visitors can experience the collaborative robot COBOTTA in combination with MINI-EYEFEEDER, Canon Vision Edition and hands-on. 

Hall 5, Booth 10