World’s Fastest 3D Bin Picking Solution For Asymmetrical Objects

Handling asymmetrical objects fast and reliably is now possible thanks to the world’s fastest 3D bin picking solution, which was developed in a partnership between DENSO, EnShape (now part of Cognex), and Eyefeeder®. The solution consists of a cutting-edge 3D bin picking system, a flexible part feeder, and a small 6-axis robot. The identification, retrieval, and positioning of a part is possible within 1.4–1.5 seconds, equivalent to 40 cycles per minute (CPM).

In contrast to conventional image processing solutions that can only identify and handle symmetrical parts, this new system can recognize and process asymmetrical complex parts, even if they are unordered (for example, in a random pile). This is possible thanks to EnShape’s powerful 3D recognition technology in combination with DENSO’s flexible robot controller, which manages data exchange between all devices.

This 3D bin picking solution enables much faster production speeds. A key benefit is the rapid recognition of scanned items. Parts can be identified in just 300 ms, even when they are fed into the system in a disorganized pile. If the position of the parts during feed-in is a problem, the detection software tells the Eyefeeder® system to shake the parts into a better position. The DENSO robot is programmed using PacScript. Data transfer between the robot and other systems is carried out with an Ethernet connection. Initially, the camera has to be calibrated for each part type to ensure accurate processing; this calibration is performed by experts from EnShape. The complete system can handle parts up to 250 mm long and with a maximum weight of 300 g.

3D bin picking components

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