At a Glance: COBOTTA Applications for Lab and Industry Tasks


COBOTTA by DENSO Robotics, the innovative, compact robot for safe human-robot-collaboration, is setting new standards in the HRC segment: Demonstrating its full performance potential, technical efficiency and wide range of operations, COBOTTA could be experienced in a series of nine exciting, real-life applications for lab and industry tasks during the 2019 Hannover Messe / Germany:

  • Mini Factory: Automatic assembly line of 3 color pens
  • Pipetting:  Application for laboratories
  • Screwing: Automatic tightening of small screws for industry purposes
  • Sealing: 3D dispensing of glue
  • Mobile Platform: A COBOTTA mounted on a mini AGV
  • Linear Motion: COBOTTA on an IPR linear axis
  • Parts Feeding: MINI EYEFEEDER with COBOTTA
  • Canon Vision: Extended multi-vision system for flexible 2D recognition & handling of multiple parts
  • SPooN: Interactive characters

Among these applications, four are particularly interesting.

Screwing: Automatic tighten of small screws

This fully automatic screwing application with COBOTTA and an integrated screwdriver allows for the flexible screwing (and unscrewing) of different parts. This showcase not only demonstrates the robot’s character qualities such as collaboration, flexibility and portability, but also fits into the smallest spaces by combining the compact COBOTTA with a compact screwdriver

Sealing: 3D dispensing of glue

This application features dispensing tasks of 3D objects by using a COBOTTA with a highly accurate jet dispenser, making the flexible and precise dispensing of multiple small parts possible.

This system fits even into confined spaces, thanks to a smart combination of the compact COBOTTA and the compact dispensing head. It’s another example – particularly important for lab environments – of COBOTTA’s advantages such as collaboration, flexibility and portability.

Canon Vision: Extended multi-vision system 

A flexible vision system using a COBOTTA, a Canon Vision Edition software, a Canon built-in A/F camera as well as a Canon Pan/Tilt/Zoom network camera certainly will be a special highlight application.

The system delivers the flexible recognition and handling of multiple parts, with the COBOTTA being employed in a 2D picking application (with Vision Edition): On the right side, the COBOTTA inspects an inkjet cartridge box, on the left side, it helps reading QR code instructions. Subsequently, the system can switch between a “sort-by-contents” or a “sort-by-weight” task.

The application serves various functionalities typical for users in labs, science and industry where the error-free recognition and selection of items is crucial such as size, count or area tests, color detection, numerical recognition, QR code or barcode readout, pattern matching. 

It can be programmed and controlled directly from Canon S/W.

SPooN:  Interactive characters 

SPooN is a smart interactive communication tool, which lives through interactive characters. They are designed to analyze human facial expressions and gestures, and to perform interactive, vivid communication with people. 

In combination with COBOTTA, SPooN is offering many benefits for applications in education and services, as human interaction can be improved by promoting and enriching communications during special events or interactive learning experiences, e.g. in communities or among tribe members.

The high mobility of COBOTTA allows SPooN to engage in real interaction with people.