Main Functionalities of Denso Robots

    Extended- Joint (RC8)


    • Robot & extended- joints are controlled through the same interface

    Main applications:

    • Drive axis and servo hand
    • Mounting robot on linear slide, controlling rotary axis

    Conveyor Tracking (RC8)


    • Reduces conveyor tracking setup time by utilizing simple conveyor tracking wizard

    Main applications:

    • Transferring work pieces from the conveyor belt

    New Motion Skip (RC8)


    • Changes the target point and performs actions via external command during automatic operation without stopping
    • Reduced cycle for applications with dynamic work piece positioning

    Main applications:

    • Sorting and transporting various kinds of work pieces

    External TCP (RC7/RC8)


    • Rotation about a defined centre point of the work piece allows for an easier method of teaching points and reduction of required positions

    Main applications:

    • Deburring and sealant coating

    Autofig (RC8)


    • Automatically calculates the optimal “figure” for motion to a designated position resulting in reduction of setup time

    Main applications:

    • When used with a program that employs a palletize library

    Singular Point Avoiding System (RC7/RC8)


    • Use for smooth movement when linear interpretation is required to pass a point at which a robot’s position changes, such as in the vicinity of a singular point

    Main applications:

    • Used with a program that employs a palletize library


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