Simulation - EMU

Enhanced MUlti-robot simulator*

Sequence control:

  • Control all operating sequences for each robot using variables & I/O from system controller program
  • Coordinate operation testing using multiple DENSO Robots

Coordination of peripheral devices:

  • Tests all equipment linked to robots & peripheral devices (work piece conveyors, loaders, etc.) virtually

Interference checking:

  • Check for interferences & execute preliminary test operating sequences

*Note: DENSO offers two similar programming languages; Pac (RC7) & PacScript (RC8). EMU can be used only with the RC8 (using PacScript). Contact us for further information.

Simulation - EMU rc8
  • Make simulations with multiple robots
  • Test the functionality of your application before actually buying a DENSO robot
  • Test peripheral devices without using actual equipment
Simulation - EMU rc8

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